One eight o’clock stormy morning, a leftie was born in the Manila suburbia. guess that’s how my name was from Ara means rain, Sacha means warrior. 

Sacha Bernardo
Clueless. Life is more exciting when you don’t have it figured out. Right?

Life’s a fight. I kept on toiling on and off with the arts, just like you drifting in life mindlessly. Yes, you. Our encounters may be just a stolen glance from a local gallery, a one night of dabbling on paint and wine, or a short-lived personal project -started, but never ended. 

The love hate relationship with my interests took its toll on me: sound production, writing, and drawing. Oh what will I pick?

Sketch Challenge
I sketch before my shift starts at 9am EST.

I learned the piano at nine, joined choirs as a Catholic school girl, interned in an AM news radio station, and received a job offer in a top advertising supplier. I still got rejected.

I wrote for a trendy website, collaborated for a publishing media network, became part of a few book projects, and I’m still not happy. 

I was busy looking at what I lack than what I have. Rushing lunch, quick sketches,  self-sabotaging hiatus and all, frustration does a lot of things. 

Life happened. The list goes on and on. We have bills, guts, and grits. What’s a broke girl to do? Living on my own made me leap without a plan b.

I was busy taking pictures and forgot to capture my own.

I quit. I got hired in my first business processing outsourcing experience ever. Something that is completely out of my comfort zone.

This experience brought back what was beneath the surface. I discovered how I was a terrible listener, to others, and to my self.

It was fire and ice but I will never stop turning excel sheets into tiny color boxes. Being paperless at work made me crave more. Sketching was something I’ll always be.

I lost my groove as a writer. I am losing my voice intermittently. I lost a lot of people in my life. I lost who I was. What else? Oh that’s another talk. After all, no man is as patient as paper. 

Abuse will turn you into a feeding frenzy animal or a stronger human.

This is a personal project ToodlesxFlorals. Toodles are graphite loops and of course more peonies to go!

In reality, there are no snooze buttons. You either get up, or sleep all your life. 

This website will contain my journey through my uncontrollable graphite uppy and color playing. Thank you for visiting.