Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop: Start Life from Scratch

Thank God for waking me up today! I slept with a smile on my face, violet-ish right thumb, and calloused finger tips from last night.

Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop
How do you measure your life’s worth?

Life hit me with a brick recently. I ignored the subtle signs. I don’t know why I do things sometimes without thinking. If there will be one impulsive decision that I would be happy for, then it will be joining a last minute reservation with Holy Craft at CBC Corporate Center at Shaw Boulevard in Pasig City.

I was for 5 minutes late stuck in multiple traffic jams. They had a quick recap for what I have missed – a brief discussion from leather types and crafting tools.

Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop
Welcome to the Club!

We were then advised to make our own templates. I have no idea how to do that.  I met Eden, one of the students in Holy Craft, who makes clothing. Thanks for letting me sit with her. She’s such an angel whenever I missed a step. 

Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop
Game on.

We created tote bag templates on Manila paper The task required simple math. I pined sigh for a longer ruler and more work time. There was slight pressure to finish fast just like in Project Runway. The fastest crafter will get to choose first for the leather hide they prefer.

Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop
These holes will make you whole.

We were also taught tips on leather cutting, sadle stitching leather, and boring holes. The latter part is so liberating. It’s enough to release the stress. Use that strength to create.


Admit you were wrong. Create your way up. We all start from scratch.

Holy Craft Leather Bag Workshop
After 7 hours, I’m the last one to finish.

I never knew how soulful it is to create a bag. The next time you see a leather bag and wonder why is it so expensive to have one, think how many hours has the crafter poured their love for this art. 


Sacha 💜

P.S. “To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.” ― Alan Cohen

Sip n Gogh: Drink, Paint, and Relax

Stuck at Katipunan? Take a detour at Sip n Gogh Ayala Heights at Capitol Hills Drive, Matandang Balara, in Quezon City. I’m grateful for my friend who introduced me to this Narnia from the noisy red lit streets of Manila. 

Meet me at our secret place.


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Color’Peps Gel: Your Toddler’s First Watercolors

When was the last time you used your crayons? I was painting with this little pumpkin, Gab. He’s my barely two year old nephew. Memories of drawing in fridges and tables come to mind when I’m with him. Let’s play with Gab!

I decided not to let him watch Baby TV after our morning stroll. Gab is always curious. I want to maintain that inner child of his. 

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso

At first he renders watercolor washes and uses my brushes like a mop. I don’t know why he is always fascinated with brooms. 

Gab’s first artwork

Gab attempted to swallow a pan in one of our sessions together. That’s it little fella, no paints for you! My mom handed these Color’Peps Gel instead.

I rummaged over the web. A few folks write about toddler friendly art materials. I would like to commit to my nephew and to my interest. #ToddlerThursdays it is. Here’s what we found out:

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