Faber Castell: Kid-Friendly Pencils

#ToddlerThursdays it is. My nephew Gab can’t wait for our craft time.

Faber Castell: Kid-Friendly Pencils

He is always curious.His interest must always be attended to. I was guilty. I was unable to gain momentum from my last post.

Busy is just an adjective. This shouldn’t be a lifestyle.

Faber Castell: Kid-Friendly Pencils
…play with me.

When he saw my Faber Castell Pencils, it’s time to introduce something new. I just let him draw what he likes. It’s play time.

Kidults. Kid + Adult. 👍👍👍 Two is better than one.

One! Two! Tee! Gab frequently asks for Baby TV. He calls the word television as “tee”. Let bed potato less, shall we?

Equip our little ones with quick and easy decisions on which colors do they like. We get so caught up growing old that we forgot that we’re young -young at heart. 

A smile on his face is priceless. Debasish Mridha said that time is the most valuable currency so spend it wisely. We glorify that there are catch ups. There are hang ups too. Being grown up is to show up. Be fully present…now.


Sacha 💜