A Letter To The Goal-Getter Self

Dear child,

You’re beautifully imperfect. 

Yes, you are. 

You will never say that to your self because you’re thoughts are faster than your walking. 

Slow down. 

Breathe in every move. Feel your heart beating.

You felt that your decades away from where you should be. Don’t be. 

Time is your best friend.

Time that you don’t need to spend on carefully curating your social media feed.

“Clouds” in Acryllic.

If you’re gonna die today you don’t want to spend this day feasting on someone else’s life. 

Every destination has different paths, carve your own in this Earth. You’ll get there. 

You don’t have it figured out yet you keep on going. 

ToodlesxFlorals “Smile”, watercolor and graphite

Rock on ❤