De Profvndis: A Comic Book to Get Your Groove Back

Friends bring you up when you’re down. I’ve been sick for days. So when your friend pings you and says that she’s free, you go out with her regardless if you’re past 24 hours awake. Meet my friend Faith Yangyang, art junkie, and one of the comic book authors of De Profvndis. 

No spoilers. Cover by Faith Yangyang.

We’ve met on my first day in college. She’s early. I was just on time. We had different circles before. It was weird at first sight. We gravitated easily with our common denominator: the arts. 

There will always be that one person who can draw the light out of your shadows.

We collaborated from projects and internships, and till this date life’s grief. 

Pastel Galaxies Project. Credits: Faith Yangyang. Click this picture to see more at her Behance Portfolio.

In my loneliness, this comic book inspired me. I wanna share how encouraging it is to take the first step to self publish at your own risk. 

Food for thought.

Hang on. Don’t push doors that open. Learn to fuel your loneliness. You’re never alone. People are waiting to see your works. I hope this makes you move on no matter what. Lift that brush. Swipe that into your liking. Go get your dreams. ❤xoxo,