Life After Breakfast PH: Handmade Watercolors and More

Life After Breakfast PH
After a hard day’s work, we need to energize for our soul’s sanity.

What were your hopes and dreams? To me, it was to paint and draw all my life. The art kid inside begged for a treat. I just can’t wait to go for another workshop to remember. 

I dozed off soon as my shift ended at six o’clock in the morning. Waking up 30 minutes before the event, Uber saved me! All we have is a dream and a drive, right, ey? 

As I opened the glass doors, Alessandra Lanot welcomed me with a sight of her personally doing our worksheets…Live! You can see how genuine she was. 

Life After Breakfast PH
So close. You can see each brush stroke and acquire her hand gestures.

To my surprise, it’s a class of five students in three awesome hours.

Handmade watercolors, fresh brushes, pencils with quotes, and reference kits were laid on the work table. I could not resist.

I felt more friends with paper when Alessa taught how to hold our brushes, draw flowers, and swatch colors wisely. Above all, she added painting is all about patience.

The Life After Breakfast handmade watercolors were rich like tea. It’s compact as an eyeshadow box but has subtly blooming pigments. You’ll feel so relaxed to see how the colors move. With this medium, it’s really worth the wait before being tempted to add another layer. 

Life After Breakfast PH
So be like one. Each petal has their own identity. #wip

After glazing each layer, we indulged in healthy vegan foods from Pipino. I can never get enough of their Tofu Sisig. It’s bad girl gone good. 

Life After Breakfast PH
Vegan Goodies prepared by Pipino at Malingap, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Life After Breakfast provides more than the how-to’s. It’s more than enough to fuel me back to work and with my personal projects.

Life After Breakfast PH
A flatlay of all our works

There is no wrong path. You just have to hold on to your brushes calmy. Let loose with each stroke. Use shadows to your advantage and…

…Unleash the real hue.

More crafts to come,



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