Lessons From My 20s

Splurge….on savings…or else,

Lessons from my 20s
Travel with no regrets.

Live debts till death. Get a savings account. Burn the passbook that goes along with it. That’s the most insane hack that I ever heard.

Insta can wait.  We want the real hue. Stop worrying if your food is good, Flatlay Queen.  Too much of it will never get you in the mood. Yeah. That’s binge eating 101. 

Lessons from my 20s
The fries is right 🍟🍟🍟

Get in the shape you like best. To me, hitch hiking is always a great work out. It’s for free. Come join with me. Get home early from Manila’s unbearable traffic. Burn while you save moolah and time. 💪

Don’t worry if you’re on the right track. You’ll discover that there are numerous ways to get to where you want. Nobody has figured out this life. So… 

Lessons from my 20s

…Do ya thang and…

Lessons from my 20s
Define “Chill”

Keep it that way. You’re too young. Hekey?

Let’s kick some ass!!!

***P.S. Thank you for the twenty-something who gave me these Typo pens. These are the most talkative soft ballpens that I ever had. 


Sacha ❤