Color’Peps Gel: Your Toddler’s First Watercolors

When was the last time you used your crayons? I was painting with this little pumpkin, Gab. He’s my barely two year old nephew. Memories of drawing in fridges and tables come to mind when I’m with him. Let’s play with Gab!

I decided not to let him watch Baby TV after our morning stroll. Gab is always curious. I want to maintain that inner child of his. 

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso

At first he renders watercolor washes and uses my brushes like a mop. I don’t know why he is always fascinated with brooms. 

Gab’s first artwork

Gab attempted to swallow a pan in one of our sessions together. That’s it little fella, no paints for you! My mom handed these Color’Peps Gel instead.

I rummaged over the web. A few folks write about toddler friendly art materials. I would like to commit to my nephew and to my interest. #ToddlerThursdays it is. Here’s what we found out:

Color'Peps Gel

Color’Peps Gel are aquarelle. It’s your watercolors in sticks. You can use it like crayons or pop them with water. Open the cap, twist, and go!

Color'Peps Gel
Things you can do with Color’Peps Gel [Left to Right]. 1 Brush with water. 2 Blend with hands. 3 Mix colors.
Color Peps' Gel Swatches
Color’Peps Gel Swatches
Color Peps' Gel
The family that draws together, stays together.

These pens are so saturated. I love the soft pastel feel. Although the Color’Peps Gel are staining [red is the most staining color], you can simply use a damp rug to wipe it off the table.

Let’s make our tables messier, together!

A colorful work followed by a colorful snack. ❤