The Art of Moving On

Eyes Scream
When it rains, indulge.

Snooze you lose yet you do. An hour passed, you can’t even lift a finger till you see it is really time to get up. You grab yesterday’s socks. The floor sort of aired it. Wearing whatever is left in your closet, you tied your hair up and go.

I bet you have your own drag-me-to-bed stories. Did you know that the first 15 minutes of your wake up time is when your subconscious mind is at peak? Feed it well.

So, what’s for breakfast?

Is it three slabs of chronic complaining? A sunny side up perspective? Unlimited I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong? Yesterday’s regretful past lovers? Stop.

Three Faces, Graphite
See things as they are with a dash of optimism and a hint of salt.

The mundane moments are the most memorable. It’s not how fancy the experience is, every crack and flaw is forgiveable for as long as we feel human. 

For instance, anyone can learn painting. You have it all over the internet. When someone personally does calligraphy on your name tag, puts faith in your work that’s less monitored, and encourages that higher self in you with no empty comments, they are indeed breaking the script for you. Who says you can’t?

Three Faces, Graphite
Savor the bad so you can savor the good things in life.

This goes so well in our lives. Being alone does not mean sadness. This season is made for you to find your purpose. Use your loneliness wisely. 

Three Faces, Graphite
Emotions are immortal when sketching. I was mugged the night I made this. Experiencing stereotypes when I reported to the authorities, wearing leggings was never a reason to be violated #MeToo

You may learn a new language, join fun runs, or as simple as meditating.

Whenever your mind is so noisy, focus all your senses on what you feel at the moment. Ask the following to your self:

What do I see?

How do I feel?

What do I hear?

What does my tongue taste?

Live in the moment. It can be as simple as feeling the air you breathe while feeling your pulse. 

When all else fails, walk. Feel the wind brushing your hair. Bask in the sun. Let the heat touch your face. Look at the skies. Surrender. Just leave it to the guy up there.

Just keep creating no matter how you feel.

Hang on. The next time you wanted to crumple your work. Leave it first. Hey! That paper is challenging you to be continued or create anew. 

Always be grateful. Everything that is happening to you is a preparation to what you can be in the future.