Scared of Losing Your Mind in Public? PlayCraftsPH Workshops Can Trick Your Brain to Learn Patience Fast Before It’s Too Late

People do crazy things including this guy, and this ever trending Google Search keyword results for: slapped by woman ph. There’s so much negativity around us. We are too busy with our teeth how about our soul sanity.

PlayCraftsPH Workshops 

“Do not let the sun go down on your anger” -Ephesians 4:26

In the time of Carmageddons and queues,

have you ever realized that reacting to every single bit wastes your energy for the good stuff? Better go to self improvement short classes like PlayCraftsPH Workshops. Save your brain, heart, and spirit.

PlayCraftsPH Workshops 

Be the last to speak

Simon Sinek, motivational speaker, advised “You need to practice being the last to speak.” Learn to listen with a heart. Have a mentor who will monitor your practice. At PlayCraftsPH, each students are all monitored based on their own pace.

 Calligraphy is a Virtue. 

Cliché but you don’t have to stab your paper just because you don’t get it. If you flick your nib way too hard you’ll sh*t the ink out of it. Relax. Life is a marathon not a sprint. 

 Fill your void wisely 

Flourish your way. Fill in the gaps thoughtfully. They say to count from 1-10. it’s best to breathe slowly. Bring more oxygen to your body.

Know what is right

Right handed tools are a killer too. It’s like fighting your head off with the oblique century holders. I’m a leftie and I felt so special with the holder made for folks like me. Yay! Self control can be such a struggle. You just have to be more familiar with your self.

Stay Away Instant Gratification Monkey

Tim Urban’s funny and informative Ted Talk Inside the Mind of A Master Procrastinator advises to wait till the last minute. There are a lot of distractions to stray you away. Calligraphy makes you focus hard to achieve less crooked O’s. Do it nice and slow till you’re in rhythm with your pen.

PlayCraftsPH is for all sages of all ages. Learning is not just a skill. It’s comprehension and attitude. Whenever you feel that work is sneezing your brains out? Does school pressure you way too much? Find a place where you can meet people who can fuel out your frustrations one stroke at a time. Register here.