ShinHan Premium Extra Fine Artists’ Watercolors Review

I was at Artwhale when I have bumped a shelf full of ShinHan Artists’ Watercolors. These 15 ml tubes waved at me. I can’t help but take these home.

These are the colors that I have bought in my impulsivenesss. See the swatch below. Crimson lake is one of my favorites. 


It’s great for controlled work since it doesn’t bloom so much when the pigment hits the wet surface.  

ToodlesxFlorals Project “Rise” rendered using ShinHan Watercolors and LifeAfterBreakfastPH Handmade Watercolors

Shin Han Premium Extra Fine Artists’ Watercolors can be swiped as thinly as you want. A tube varies in price per color. You can also try sets if you want. I recommend for starters to try not be too excited like me. A small squeeze goes a long way. 

Keep wip-ing!