Sh*t Happens

Major major careers have grown and flopped with #MissInternational2017

Past 12 hours awake, I got tied with the colors instead of the quote. Sleepy to the core,  I made a beautiful hot mess. 

I left “u”. Epic.

I remember the film Pursuit of Happyness with a Y.  It felt like a crown that I never had. I have even uploaded this to my Facebook feed for hours. A friend noticed. He was the only one who caught me. Indeed it triggered people to STAY CURIOUS

Adulting is hard. Laugh harder.

Yes, I have wasted a block. I forgive my self. Lettering is expression. It’s a challenge on how I can view and reshape things. 

These dumbfounded moments are our passes to creativity. We should never felt shameful about it. Fuel that sh*t to pump you further. 

#Relatable stuff? What’s yours?


Sacha đŸ˜‚

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