Sip n Gogh: Drink, Paint, and Relax

Stuck at Katipunan? Take a detour at Sip n Gogh Ayala Heights at Capitol Hills Drive, Matandang Balara, in Quezon City. I’m grateful for my friend who introduced me to this Narnia from the noisy red lit streets of Manila. 

Meet me at our secret place.


We waste how many hours a day caught in traffic. Why not spend it at Sip n Gogh where time flies productively? Uwinding by discovering your inner artist.

You get to choose between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages paired with finger foods that’s perfect for people who easily gets woozy like me. My tolerance is zero. I’ll be passed out in no time! 

They help you out in choosing the acrylic colors for your work. You get one blank canvas too.

The Sip n Gogh staff were very accommodating. They’ll ask what your painting background is, what would you like to paint, and more. Be carefree with a blank canvas. Expect perspective insights.  

Choose to recreate paintings or go freestyle.

What I like about Sip n Gogh is that they don’t leave you in the air. You can even request for your canvas to undergo blowers. This aids you in glazing more layers of pigment.

The colors are handpicked for you. These have a condensed milk feel withstanding the air conditioned room for hours. I thought it will leave my palette dry. It did not.

Credits to my friend who bought me here. You’re such an awesome nomad.

I tried acrylic paints before. It required mediums and retarders. Painting with Sip n Gogh was a pleasant encounter. You don’t have to wet your squeezed paints from time to time. You get to wear aprons too, messy you. Feel it dreamer!!! 

Less is more. Two flat brushes and one round brush goes a long way.
The boat has left. I did not copy the reference painting that much. I felt it’s more liberating to do so.

Sip n Gogh is a rewarding treat after a hard day’s work. I know the sun was so shy that day. The skies cried finishing up with a pinkish blush.

Bipolar weather can’t stop you from your passions.

Don’t be too obsessed with the strokes. Let it go. Leggo.

🎶 Don’t let the sun go down on me. 🎶


Sacha 💜

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