How Woman Create 365 Wonders Creative Daily Planner Gets The Anxious You More Organized This New Year

Friday is the new Monday. Tonight’s the best time to plan ahead! They say that organization is the worst enemy of creativity. I disagree. The more structured you are, the more you get sh*t done.

“People have the opportunity to sleep on it, quite literally”-



Rodd Wagner



We need a friendly companion to guide us in planning ahead: a personal confidant who will never judge us when we f*ck up in life. That’s why I never hesitated to grab a copy of Women Create 365 Planner.

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
New Year. New Life. New Journal.

How I met this planner? A high school friend tagged me on our featured collaborative work on the first book of Woman Create. Who knew that this journal will shed the light for us? Why not you be the next one?

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
Artists from all walks of life.

Women Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner is a compilation of illustrations, poems, photographs, and collages into an awe inspiring spreads to get you back on track. What are you waiting for? Your most meaningful work can be their next feature. I bet you also have a masterpiece to share. Hit the send button…fast!

Moving articles grace each month. Each page is designed with a tracker for your mini goals enveloped with lovely quotes and more chunks of literature.

Tip: “Make yourself a short, 3-category priority list: career, relationships, self. What are your 2-3 top priorities in each? Where can you schedule these?”-Laura Vanderkam

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
Be persistent.

We are the average of the people we spend the most time with. Woman Create 365 Wonders Creative Daily Planner also welcomes you to a soon-to-launch Hey Kin Community of aspiring talents like you. Be highly contagious. Meet fellow aspiring talents too.

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
Courtesy of Woman Create from Instagram

My mom was surprised when she discovered one of the pages near my birthday contains a Hey Kin profile maker. Will it be the launch date of their community website? Could it be my birthday is near that spread that’s why it’s placed there? Either way I adore it.

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
Coincidence or not?

Wipe Every Tear of sex trade victims too. Each book purchase empowers ladies who had been violated by continuing education and providing safe houses. Bring new lives to others as much as this planner changes you.

Woman Create 365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner
Purpose Tracker.

“Finally, I leave you with a call to create: This book took a struggle to be here. Like how most creations are. I thank you always supporting this wonder and so, I give back by asking you to choose Courage, and to choose it everyday. Because everyday, we will always be faced with dungeons that threaten to hold us forever, and we cannot let that happen. Choose the Courage to create, to show up,  to seek wonder.” – Marika Callangan of Woman Create

Let’s build more purposeful creative things together with Woman Create.

P.S. Hey! You are never alone. Art will always be with you so do I. 


Sacha 💜